It’s all about energy!

‘Balance the invisible, feel the change!’

How we feel, act or connect with others, plus the interaction between us has everything to do with energy. Energy that isn’t visible, but can be felt. When the energy around us is balanced, we feel good. Feeling good has a positive influence on the way we act, interact, communicate and appear to others.
Not everyone is aware that the energy surrounding us can be affected in a positive way. Toon Roijers is just the man that can do that. He is an Energy Balance Expert.

Toon has the gift to read the energy that´s within people and that surrounds them. The same goes for objects such as houses, boats or private jets. All these incorporate and resonate energy. Energy that is “readable” or “visible” to Toon. Energy he actively can balance, restore and revitalize.
The gift to read and revitalize the energy within all kinds of spaces enables Toon to help you make the right choices in life when it comes to housing, business properties, boats and even private jets.

When the energy within you resonates in a postive way in relation to other people and objects that surround you on a daily bases, you will significantly improve your life!

Toon Roijers

The energy balance expert

Toon worked as a real estate agent in the high-end market in the Netherlands as well as in Spain. Along the way he became an energy balancing expert. Toon has been very sensitive to energies ever since he was a child.

The real estate business taught Toon that a disrupted energy balance can be at the very root of a property that doesn´t sell.
Balancing the energies within a property turned out to be at the very interest of potential buyers that quickly felt at home in their new house after Toon had guided them during the purchase and balancing process.

Alongside his normal work, Toon travelled the world for several years to develop his gift , increasing his knowledge about energies and how to work with them. This has made him the expert he is today when it comes to reading and balancing energies.

Toon has been using his talents for many successful years in Marbella. A twist of fate brought him to Mallorca where he uses the talents he is gifted with to help other people restore the energy balance in their lives.

What can Toon do for you?


Toon can guide you in the process of aquiring real estate. Whether it be a perfect family home, an estate or business property. Toon is there to help you make the perfect choice.

Toon’s focus is on finding something that resonates specifically with your personality. By experience he knows that the perfect living or business space is a personal thing and different for everyone.

Once Toon has an idea about your wants and needs, in collaboration with you he will start looking for the right objects that will fit like a glove. During the whole process he will offer all the services you can expect from a customer-oriented professional.


Is your home, business property or any other object for sale but you notice little interest from possible buyers? Toon can help.

Due to experience Toon knows that disrupted energy is preventing potential buyers from buying the property or object in question.

Energy imbalance can have been caused by previous inhabitants or the location of the place can arouse bad vibes. Toon uses his powers to feel what is going on and which energetic imbalance is blocking the sale.

In case of energy imbalances, Toon will revitalise the energy, making it possible to speed up the sale and to make the whole selling process easier.

Energy of homes

Your home idealy is the place to find peace, where you can recharge and be your true self. Just like people, homes have energy too. If the energy goes balanced, your house will become your home. If the energy is unbalanced, it will affect your daily life.

Energy of yachts

Just like people or houses, boats have energy too. Even if you don’t spend every day on a boat, everything that happens or has happened on it will stick around energetically.

Boats are surrounded by water most of the time. The nature of water is completely different from that of earth. If the energy in or around your boat is not vital, it can lead to negative experiences or feeling heavy hearted.

If you don’t feel at ease on your boat, or if you want to sell it, or if you have spotted a nice yacht you would like to buy, we advise you to put Toon’s expertise to work.

Energy of planes

There is more between heaven and earth. During flights the energy of your jet may be out of balance which can negatively affect your physical and inner journey at the same time. Make sure to surround yourself with balanced and positive energy during your personal flights. Contact Toon.

Energy of workspaces

Anyone will agree that an enjoyable work space is good for productivity and the people that work within will feel more gratifified and whole. Toon is an expert when it comes to the energy of places and work spaces. Aiming for more productivity and job satisfaction?

Have your workspace checked and revitalized by Toon.


How does Toon work?

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it, Albert Einstein (1879-1955) said at the start of the previous century. Matter, like a rock, a stone wall of a house, the bow of a yacht or the metal fuselage of a private jet is energy, but in solid form. Energy is never lost, it can only change form, as Einstein proved.

Toon has always known on a deeper level what the famous scientist meant with these famous words. And it has been proved during Toon´s personal life all the way. Improving the energy within your home, yacht, private jet or office will change your life in a positive way.

This is what has become Toon’s purpose in life: helping other people to experience more joy in life, be more harmonious, healthier and happier by balancing the energy within all that surrounds and affects people´s everyday lives.

The unique process of balancing consist of three phases:

  1. First, Toon maps out the energy of the space in question through an analysis.
  2. Secondly, he corrects , transforms and revitalizes the surrounding energy where necessary.
  3. Finally, he will make the energy stream freely, with a better quality of life for the involved people as a result.

Without exception, Toon works in a very discreet and honest way, straight from the heart. Even though you cannot physically see the energy balance being restored, after the whole process you will feel the change without any doubts!


Talking from experience

Toon felt uneasy at first when he became aware of his special gifts. For decades he worked very hard to balance himself emotionally , mentally, physically and spiritually. During the process he refined his neurological system to further enhance his abilities. All this has evolved in Toon´s gift to connect with a higher level of consciousness that reveils information to him that is only exposed to very few on earth.

Before Toon became aware of how energy actually works, he experienced himself on a personal and professional level the negative consequences of choosing wrongly using rational arguments only. During his life, this worked out pretty bad several times.

Eventually all bad choices related to distorted energy levels, some with disastrous financial consequences.

Using his gift, Toon is now able to choose using his head and heart at the same time. Ever since, his choices have made him a fortunate man in every way.
To wrap it up, it is very important to ensure that the energy within your house, your work space, your boat or your private jet is well balanced. It will favorably impact your entire life.

Feel the right vibe and call Toon. A decision you will not regret.


Toon, is a beautiful soul with great talent to clear and balance the blocked energy in your home. Toon combines old-fashioned professionalism with world class skill and energetic sensitivity to create genuine results. With his deep understanding he is able to read a problem accurately and work energetically to transmute the energy blockage and make a difference. Most energy workers create a temporary shift.

Toon has the ability to address problems on a level that actually changes them forever. After many years of practicing and teaching energy work, and studying with healing masters around the world, I recognise Toon as one of a handful of elite practitioners who really gets to the root of a problem and eliminates it. I trust him, my life changed completely after he was working on our home and clearing the dark spots which were blocking our relationship.

After the energy clearance and balance our relationship bloomed again, we found great happiness, harmony and now we are engaged. I am grateful for all the remarkable changes he has helped me to bring into my life.Æ

Thank you, dear Toon.

Monica Viglioglia Marbella. Emotional healing expert Author “Soulwork, Remember who you really are” Apego books - published in New York

Getting to know Toon and asking him to balance the energy in my house has been an extremely positive experience for me. The effect of Toons intervenience is very subtle. For example; I sleep much better.

When at my house, Toon could feel certain things that he could never have known about. So I was very impressed seeing him at work and most of all being able to feel the difference when he finished.

Besides that, people who came to visit me afterwards told me they noticed the good atmosphere in my house. Toons work is something that must be experienced to appreciate, for there is clearly more between heaven and earth than what the naked eye can see. ”

Marjan LooijeSitio de Calahonda

I recently got divorced which was far from easy for me. I have ever since been looking for a way to restore the balance in my life.

Then Toon came on my path. It felt like an excellent opportunity and the perfect timing to have the energy in my home restored. What could I expect? I had no idea. When I saw Toon at work, however, I was endlessly amazed.

I perfectly understand that most people are sceptic to believe there´s more between heaven and earth. However if you allow Toon to do his magic, in my view one can nothing but change his opinion about that.

As a person, Toon is very engaging. He makes you feel at ease immediately and everything he does – although it’s not something you experience every day – feels very natural.

What really impressed me is the energy disturbances Toon noticed in my sons their bedrooms. After restoring the engery, Toon was able to give me a better understanding about the different ways they individually dealt with the consequences of the divorce. Because of those insights, I am now much better at supporting them emotionally.

My youngest has ever since been sleeping a lot better and feels more at ease during the day. Toons’ work has really compensated for an emotional gap that I was unaware of at first and that had an infuence on the way I related with my sons.

Since Toon has restored the energy in my house, I feel less of an urge to fill up my days to the fullest in case I have a day off. My house feels like my harbor again and I am very grateful for that. ‘

Else BeekmanFuengirola

I like to spend a lot of time at home. In my previous house, I always felt completely relaxed and everyone that visited told me the house had such a nice vibe. To me that felt like completely normal.

Then I moved into a new place. The house I now live in is pretty awesome, but nevertheless at first it had a different vibe and I had difficulties feeling the same ease I was used to.

When I asked Toon to visit my new place, he became aware of metaphysical disturbances and experienced the energy that previous residents left behind. He gave me insights about how this energy resonated with mine. Quite remarkable also were the apparent similarities between the previous residents and myself on an energy level.

I now experience more peace in my house and in myself. It feels unbelievably special to have seen Toon at work and to have had him sharing with me everything that came to him during his sessions.

I am a very greatful person and I sleep a lot better. Most important is that my new place feels like a home again. Thank you Toon!

Barbertje KikkertHilversum


Would you like to know what Toon can do for you? Call or send him an email directly for a personalized quote. No strings attached. Toon performs in Europe and the United States and offers personalized quotes for all his different services.

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