The Energy Balance Expert balances life energy,
also called Chi, Ki or Prana in houses, yachts and private jets.

Are you unable to sell your house?

There is a revolutionary approach that will save you frustration, money and time.

Potential buyers unconsciously decide in a split second whether a house feels right.
You won’t sell it if it doesn’t.
Balancing blocked life energy, also called Chi, is a real boost for the sale of your house.

Save money time frustration


Do you want to:

  • Stop paying for unnecessary maintenance, insurance and gardening?
  • Stop feeling frustrated about the sale of your house.

You deserve better!

  • Save frustration and take back control over the sale of your house by having the energy balanced.
  • Imagine how relieved and satisfied you will feel when your house is sold.
  • Think about how happy you and your family will be when you move to your next house.

We don’t just care about the sale of your house

  • We care about you and understand how frustrating it is to have a property on the market that does not sell.
  • We have solved this problem for other customers by balancing the life energy.
  • Most of our clients are able to sell their house within a couple of months after the life energy is balanced.

3 Step strategy plan

  • 1

    We assess the life energy in your house.

  • 2

    We make tailored recommendations about the blocked life energy.

  • 3

    We transform the life energy through an unique process

  • Energy cannot be seen but it can definitely be felt.
  • The energy of a space influences the lives and activities of the people in that space.
  • Blocked energy can be the root cause of problems with your health, relationships, finances et cetera. This is mostly the root cause of a house, superyacht or private plane not selling.

The services Energy Balance Expert offers can be done on site but also remotely. In that case we connect with the energy of the house, superyacht or private plane. Yes, that is possible and it is very effective!






Private jets


Want to sell your property? Sell it faster!

  • On Site Plan
  • 2,5% – now: 1%
  • 2,5% (ex VAT) of the asking price of a property, super yacht or private plane.
    Toon will balance the energy by personally visiting the property, super yacht or private plane in person.
  • Please note that Toon will only take on an assignment if the asking price of the property, super yacht or private plane is in conformity with market prices.*
  • * When not located on Mallorca there will be extra charges for the cost of travel and accommodation.
  • Remote Plan
  • 2% – now: 0,8%
  • 2,0% (VAT not included) of the asking price of a property, super yacht or private plane.
  • Toon will remotely apply his services and can therefore offer his services at a lower commission.
  • Please note that Toon will only take on an assignment if the asking price of the property, super yacht or private plane is in conformity with market prices.
  • Custom Plan
  • Ask me for a quote
  • For other requests
    For example if you don’t feel at home anymore in your own house. This happens often after you have rented out your house or after the super yacht has been chartered.
  • Balancing the life energy will bring back the peace, harmony and happiness.
  • In case you have special wishes, multiple properties to balance or any other wishes regarding Toons balancing services, please ask for a quote.

Covid Crises – Lower Prices

Increasing the value of your property has never been this affordable

  • Property Size (m2)
  • 0-70
  • 70-140
  • 140-210
  • 210-280
  • Bigger than 280m2
  • Price (€) ON SITE
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 1500
  • 2000
  • €500 per 70m2
  • Price (€) REMOTE
  • 400
  • 800
  • 1200
  • 1600
  • €400 per 70m2

Due to the current global financial situation, I have decided to offer a huge discount on my services for 2022.

I want to help. If the sale of your house has been affected by the pandemic, I can help.

With my new pricing structure, more people can experience the benefits of a balanced house, superyacht or private plane.

As we are all spending more time at home, it is essential now more than ever that you feel completely comfortable where you live.

Package pricing for balancing your home to boost its sale is an ongoing process.

I balance the energy before every viewing – this is essential as a decision is made by the viewer at an unconscious level within seconds of entering your home.

If your property has not sold within 1 year from my first visit, I will balance the home again free of charge.

Onsite – 1% (ex VAT) Remote – 0.8% (ex VAT) One off Energy Balancing Sessions – for personal living improvement

If you feel the energy in your home could be having a negative impact on your life, for example energy from previous owners, I can balance disrupted energy to improve your personal or family life.

I am so confident in the success of my service that if after 2 years you still have no buyer, you will not be charged. This way there is no risk for you at all.



Purifying The Plot

  • Plot Size (m2)
  • smaller than 2.500 m2
  • 2.500 – 10.000 m2
  • Price (€)
  • 500
  • 1000


of a balanced property

Try it yourself and download our 5 FREE recommendations to balance the energy in your property.

Download our free PDF now!


What is the difference between balancing energy and clearing energy? Balancing energy is a deeper, more profound process than clearing energy. In the balancing process, Toon goes to the roots of the disruption in energy balance.

Do I need to be a spiritual person for this to work? No, you don’t. Often, when Toon guides people who say they are not spiritual through the process, they do feel differences.

Is a treatment useful when I don’t experience any specific problems? Yes. It can be very useful to map out the energy of spaces and discover what may be going on below the surface. For people who are open to the process it can result in becoming aware of unconscious processes and thus support psychological and spiritual growth.

Is success guaranteed? In theory, restoring energy balance is possible for every property or object. However, when it comes to selling a property Toon can’t guarantee the sale. Balancing a house, superyacht or private plane is absolutely a boost for the sale but some invisible factors can make it difficult even for Toon to resolve blockages. For example, when a couple puts their house up for sale but one of the partners secretly does not want to sell.

Why is there a difference in price for energy balancing for property sale and energy balancing for personal living improvement? There are many reasons you may want to balance the energy in your home. If the reason is to boost the sale of your property, this is an ongoing process. It is important that I balance the energy before every viewing so that the viewer experiences the maximum effect from my work. Included in this package I also balance your home for free if it hasn’t sold after 1 year and after 2 years if you still have no buyer, I do not charge for my service. 

If you want your home energy balanced one time only, to solve problems caused by the previous owner for example, or every 6 month to ensure disturbed energy is kept at bay – for this the charge is for each session individually.

What is the effect of balancing the energy in a house? Life energy (chi) can flow freely again. This has a positive effect on the level of joy, health and happiness. It results, in short, in a better quality of life for all occupants.

Disrupted or blocked energy can have a negative impact on many areas of your life. A sensitive child unable to sleep. Problems in your marriage. Health issues. A property that doesn’t sell no matter what you do. Once life energy flows freely again it impacts these areas in a positive way.

Often these problems have such a negative impact on your life that freely flowing chi can almost literally make you feel like you can finally breathe again.

What does “work remotely” mean? In that case Toon connects with the energy of the house, superyacht or private plane from a distance. Yes, that is possible and very effective! He only needs to know the address (house) or the exact location where the superyacht or private plane is. He also needs to have the current floor plan or G.A. floor plan from the superyacht and recent pictures of the object.

If the property has not been sold after one year Toon will repeat the treatment.


Toon, is a beautiful soul with great talent to clear and balance the blocked energy in your home. Toon combines old-fashioned professionalism with world class skill and energetic sensitivity to create genuine results. With his deep understanding he is able to read a problem accurately and work energetically to transmute the energy blockage and make a difference. Most energy workers create a temporary shift.

Toon has the ability to address problems on a level that actually changes them forever. After many years of practicing and teaching energy work, and studying with healing masters around the world, I recognise Toon as one of a handful of elite practitioners who really gets to the root of a problem and eliminates it. I trust him, my life changed completely after he was working on our home and clearing the dark spots which were blocking our relationship.

After the energy clearance and balance our relationship bloomed again, we found great happiness, harmony and now we are engaged. I am grateful for all the remarkable changes he has helped me to bring into my life.Æ

Thank you, dear Toon.

Monica Viglioglia Marbella. Emotional healing expert Author “Soulwork, Remember who you really are” Apego books - published in New York

Getting to know Toon and asking him to balance the energy in my house has been an extremely positive experience for me. The effect of Toons intervenience is very subtle. For example; I sleep much better.

When at my house, Toon could feel certain things that he could never have known about. So I was very impressed seeing him at work and most of all being able to feel the difference when he finished.

Besides that, people who came to visit me afterwards told me they noticed the good atmosphere in my house. Toons work is something that must be experienced to appreciate, for there is clearly more between heaven and earth than what the naked eye can see. ”

Marjan LooijeSitio de Calahonda

I recently got divorced which was far from easy for me. I have ever since been looking for a way to restore the balance in my life.

Then Toon came on my path. It felt like an excellent opportunity and the perfect timing to have the energy in my home restored. What could I expect? I had no idea. When I saw Toon at work, however, I was endlessly amazed.

I perfectly understand that most people are sceptic to believe there´s more between heaven and earth. However if you allow Toon to do his magic, in my view one can nothing but change his opinion about that.

As a person, Toon is very engaging. He makes you feel at ease immediately and everything he does – although it’s not something you experience every day – feels very natural.

What really impressed me is the energy disturbances Toon noticed in my sons their bedrooms. After restoring the engery, Toon was able to give me a better understanding about the different ways they individually dealt with the consequences of the divorce. Because of those insights, I am now much better at supporting them emotionally.

My youngest has ever since been sleeping a lot better and feels more at ease during the day. Toons’ work has really compensated for an emotional gap that I was unaware of at first and that had an infuence on the way I related with my sons.

Since Toon has restored the energy in my house, I feel less of an urge to fill up my days to the fullest in case I have a day off. My house feels like my harbor again and I am very grateful for that. ‘

Else BeekmanFuengirola

I like to spend a lot of time at home. In my previous house, I always felt completely relaxed and everyone that visited told me the house had such a nice vibe. To me that felt like completely normal.

Then I moved into a new place. The house I now live in is pretty awesome, but nevertheless at first it had a different vibe and I had difficulties feeling the same ease I was used to.

When I asked Toon to visit my new place, he became aware of metaphysical disturbances and experienced the energy that previous residents left behind. He gave me insights about how this energy resonated with mine. Quite remarkable also were the apparent similarities between the previous residents and myself on an energy level.

I now experience more peace in my house and in myself. It feels unbelievably special to have seen Toon at work and to have had him sharing with me everything that came to him during his sessions.

I am a very greatful person and I sleep a lot better. Most important is that my new place feels like a home again. Thank you Toon!

Barbertje KikkertHilversum

Toon has successfully balanced the energy on our 35m motor yacht, leading to the sale of the vessel.

We now realise that the charter guests we had on board previously, a rock band, disturbed the energy. We are very happy with the services and solution provided.

Private motor yacht

(Discretion is very important in the super yacht branche. That is the reason why this testimonial is anonymous.)


Although we were sceptical at first, Toon has proven his case.

Our yacht was not selling at all and after the services provided by Toon, it sold pretty quickly!

Private sailing yacht

(Discretion is very important in the super yacht branche. That is the reason why this testimonial is anonymous.)



Want to sell your property fast? Call Toon or send him an email directly for a personalised quote. No strings attached. Toon performs in Europe and the United States and offers personalised quotes for all his different services.

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